Achieving the Goal


This emitter serves to strongly strengthen the center of will in solar plexus. Thanks to this, your personality is resistant to any manipulation. You are strong and able to achieve your dreams and visions in your life easily. The image is ideal for placement in work, offices, studios. It is interesting that the picture generally increases your life energy and the energy of plants, so it is also suitable for winter gardens or places where you go to charge yourself. Your will and vitality of life remain strengthened.

The canvas can be combined with the “Achieving Abundance” image (mirror-inverted) to create a diptych.

The painting has the potential to energize min. 10 m² of space around it. Its effect can enhance the placement of the crystal nearby (up to about 2 m from the image).

Material: canvas


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700 x 1000 mm, 400 x 600 mm

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