The Power of the Earth


The image has a strong element of stabilization, soothing and stress relief. It is generally grounding. The canvas is excellent for small children, as it stabilizes and calms their psyche (also suitable for kindergartens and schools). It perfectly supports the growth of bones, muscles and the immune system. It removes restlessness, anxiety in children and helps them to concentrate. It also works as a great disease prevention.

The motif is also excellent for pregnant women, as it helps the fetus to grow and feeds the fetus on the Earth’s strength.

Above all, strong supporting and vitalizing energy flows from this emitter. It generally charges sick and weakened people, so it is also suitable for older people, helping them to renew their vitality.

The painting has the potential to energize min. 10 m² of space around it. Its effect can enhance the placement of the crystal nearby (up to about 2 m from the image). We also recommend using a salt bowl, which activates the cleaning function of the emitter. The negations then move across the image to the Earth.

Material: canvas


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700 x 1000 mm, 400 x 600 mm

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