Guardian Angel Wings


These two paintings are immensely strong, defensive and protective. Therefore we recommend them to everyone who wants to have his space protected. We recommend to place them at the workplace as they have ability to reflect any negativity. In case any person sends to you consciously or unconsciously any displeasing thoughts these are immediately knocked back as the pictures work as a mirror. Paintings can very effectively and vigorously clean up a space in which many people take turns or where an important meetings take place. They are ideal for businessmen who want to have clean space around them and pure working relationships.

The painting has the potential to energize min. 10 m˛ of space around it. Its effect can enhance the placement of the crystal nearby (up to about 2 m from the image).

The Guardian Angel Wings are two canvases of 850 x 1450 mm size. If you want to hang them next to each other, count on a minimum area of 1800 x 1450 mm.

Material: canvas

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Dimensions 850 × 1450 cm

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