Opening the Gates of Inspiration


This emitter is perfect for artists and creatives in any field (writers, musicians, journalists, etc.). It strongly strengthens inspiration, the rise of ideas, new ideas and “spiritual fertility”. It supports the ability to communicate in all meanings.

The image is also suitable for managers and individuals in management functions, it strengthens the ability to control and insight into a specific project or mechanism of the company. The energy of innovation and stabilization springs from the emitter. It helps to make strategically correct decisions.

The canvas is ideal for work rooms or production studios. Whoever uses this emitter obtains much easier information, which will decisively develop the selected projects.


The painting has the potential to energize min. 10 m² of space around it. Its effect can enhance the placement of the crystal nearby (up to about 2 m from the image).

Material: canvas


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700 x 1000 mm, 400 x 600 mm

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