Power of Will


The image universally strengthens the energy center of will in the solar plexus, i.e. ability to live your life. He is a great “patron” for teenagers, who can develop into a personality capable of achieving their goals (ideal for ages 13-23). It protects teenagers’ psyche and health. The image in every age multiplies the conscious creation of reality. It strengthens the personality and strengthens self-confidence in a positive sense. It protects your personality from manipulation, enhances the strength of your personality. The emitter supports the ability to attain wealth and it also has the power to protect the material resources already acquired. It is literally an emitter of success.


The painting has the potential to energize min. 10 m² of space around it. Its effect can enhance the placement of the crystal nearby (up to about 2 m from the image).

Material: canvas


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700 x 1000 mm, 400 x 600 mm

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